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Ecological park

ECOPARK is a free trade zone industrial park in Bella Vista, Santiago. Recognized for its green open spaces and ecological vision. It offers comfortable resting areas, a medical center, security and surveillance, among other amenities.

The park is also home to 31 bird species, of which seven (7) are migratory species and four (4) are species endemic. We work with biologist and ornithologist consultant to carry out studies, provide recommendations, and implement bird-friendly practices.
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Biomass boiler

Our social responsibility has inspired us to adapt environmental practices and generate eco-friendly solutions. Specifically, introducing equipment that uses solid waste and biomass, for the production of heat, steam, hot water and electricity.

Solar panels

Our philosophy is to be committed to our environment by reducing Greenhouse emissions and relying less on petroleum derivatives. We have introduced new technology for heating of water and air though a solar photo-thermal alternative.
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Waterwaste Treatment Plant

As an environmentally concerned company Bojos Tanning counts within its facility with a modern Waterwaste Treatment Plant using the decanters technology.

After the waste water has been collected from the retanning process, the decanters continuously separate all organic solids. The separated solids can be composted in fine application, for example, in horticulture or forestry. The liquid phase is then subjected to biological treatment. The resultant sludge is recycled into the dewatering process; the waste water can be sent safely to conventional municipal waste water treatment plants or reused for processes inside the tannery.


– Continuous water recycling drum for wet blue hides soaking.

– Retanning formulas with less water requirements, metered by an automated dosing system.

– Energy saving vessels and air compressors, translucent panels on rooftops and open areas for air ventilation.

– Shaving compactor for different areas in the process.

– Recycling of materials such as plastic, cardboard and wood.
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